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This study consists of giving to know and to investigate of different authors philosophy or opinions of which it is the graffiti, different aspects will be approached like are it history, the types of graffitti that there is, as well as some of the causes that there are so that originate this one.

It is called to him to the graffitti, essentially, to the inscription forms or painting with political or social content, done generally on other people's public or deprived properties, also the tracks of skate can be included.As graffiti also can be included the term painted that, it would be one second word with that can be identified which it is known like graffitti.The origin of the term comes from Latin graphiti: in Italian, “graffitti” is the plural one of graffito, that means “mark or done inscription itching or lining a wall” and thus the inscriptions are called that have been in the walls from times of the Roman Empire.

Between the Spanish speakers, he is habitual to hear graffitis in plural. Being etymologically strict, this use would not be correct, since of in case the word graffitti already is plural, but grafitis” given their ample use is allowed “.The Dictionary Pan Hispanic de Doubts of the Real Spanish Academy recommends the use of the word graphite. It admits as valid the use of grafiti in singular, and grafitis in plural, although it recommends to use the word “graphite” and “graphites” for his plural one, that are the made spanish versions of “graffito” and” “graffitti”” respectively. It recommends in addition that when a text or painted drawing is, and not rascado nor interjection, are used painted. Still accepting the cartelization of “graffiti” to “grafiti”, it is recommended to avoid the use of “graffitti”, since in Spanish “ff” does not exist the graph.

Nevertheless, the own grafters, almost the totality of the publishing references, mass media, pages Web, positives, and specialized magazines use the Latin meaning “graffitti” to talk about as much to the Grafiti as cultural and artistic movement, like a the own ones painted.

Two of the techniques that the “grafters” use most frequently are:--Labelers--AerosolsSecond, being one of commonest in our days. More ahead both will be explained and other techniques that can be related to the graffitti.In addition they will occur to know the forms the graffitti, from simplest to most complex, as well as some opinions most common that I found in Internet of some grafters.

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